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Is it love? RATED M!

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1 Is it love? RATED M! on Fri Nov 27, 2009 5:33 pm

I do not own any Harry Potter jewelry, books, toothpaste, or anything in J.K. Rowling's amazing work! I'm just a person who loves her imagination, and loves to write also!
Anyway, my blabbing, and ranting isn't my show n' tell work, so here I go, and hope you all love it!

Harry Potter never liked to be in the Dursleys house hold. He sighed, wondering where his friends might be, and wanting to fess up to Ginny about his feelings about her.
Since it was his sixth year, and he has been wondering about Voldemorts whereabouts, but his romantic life was getting that into him.

Harry stood up, as the lights of Private Drive began to dim down. Then a smile grimaced his face. It was Dumbledore...
Harry soon packed his stuff quickly, and got out the prison he was stuck in for 2 months.

"Ah, Harry!", Dumbledore began speaking, his voice soft as always. His half moon glasses shimmering in the nights sky.
"Er-Sir... I thou-",
"Harry we must not speak right now, you have to go to the Weasly's right now. Since Slughorn is being rather stubborn into these events, in times like these."
Harry shifted his shoulders, hearing him right. "Excuse me sir, you said 'times like these', like a bad thing?"
The old man smiled, but his smile only showed how young and how frolic he can be.
"Since you do not have a Dark Arts teacher, we must recruit one instead. Slughorn has been with Hogwarts for many years... but then, he retired."
Harry nodded, "Okay...", not really understanding.
"Hold on to my arm Harry-"
"What about my stuff?", Harry asked frantically.
"Your trunk will be departed into the Weasly's household.", Dumbledore said calmy, again showing his smile.
Harry grabbed onto Dumbledore's arm, and he was being apparated onto the Weasly's household.

"Whoa...", Harry choked out, he was being squeezed into a tight space, pulling him into different parts...
"Harry? Is that you?", Mrs.Weasly asked, rubbing her eyes, from the noise.
Harry stood up, acknowledging her. "Yes."
"Good!", she cheered, and hugged him gracefully. Harry smiled at this. This was his family, being in it never felt so good.
"Is that Harry?", Ron boomed, over the railings.
Then a door opened, "HARRY?!", Hermione asked.
"Uhm...", Harry looked up at them. "hi?"
"You stupid bloke!", Ron ran down the wooden stairs in his pajamas. "Ron!", Hermione yelled at him, also running down the stairs.
Ron shook his hand, while Hermione hugged him tightly.
"Uhm-Mione...can't--", Harry gasped.
"Oh! Sorry, Harry!", her cheeks turned to bright crimson. " something on...your face...", Ron said awkwardly, pointing her face.
"Uhm, what do you mean Ron?", she asked.
"Toothpaste?", Ron asked, his eyebrows rising. Hermione laughed awkwardly, and turned around, and wiped her lip, and turned to smile at them.

"Is she okay?", Harry whispered to Ron. "No.", Ron flatly said, walking with Harry to his room.
"What? Whats wrong with her?", Harry asked. "She hasn't stopped talking about you this summer...", Ron sighed, walking towards his bed.
"Wait-Ginny...or Hermio-"
Ron then glared at Harry, "Hermione, is in love with you Harry..."
"Uh-what? I only have feelings for her like a sister...not anything else.", Harry defended.
Ron was silent. Harry bit his lip, 'Hermione is pretty. No! She's not pretty, she beautiful... in every way... WHOA! Harry get yourself into gear!'
"Harry, are you even listening to me?", Ron asked angrily.
"Fuck, I told you! And now you think of her...can't believe it!"
Harry felt the urge to slap the crap out of him. Harry stood up, and left the room.

Hermione walked around the front room, beginning to think about Harry again. 'I can't stop thinking about him. I even feel stupid, telling Ron what I said to him.'
"Hermione?", Harry's voice came clear to Hermione head.
"Harry! I didn't see you hear....", she pipped up.
"Yeah, uhm...", Harry's member was growing just seeing Hermione was making him hard.
"You okay?", Her voice was soothing to Harry's ears. "Uhm... yeah..."
I know I suck, Avangaline is better! I SWEAR WOMAN! MAKE A FRUKEN DRAMIONE FAN FIC!



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2 Re: Is it love? RATED M! on Fri Dec 25, 2009 5:10 pm



"Hermione?", Harry's voice came clear to Hermione head.
"Harry! I didn't see you hear....", she pipped up.
"Yeah, uhm...", Harry's member was growing just seeing Hermione was making him hard.
"You okay?", Her voice was soothing to Harry's ears. "Uhm... yeah..."

I LOL'D THAT PART! Cool Razz Laughing

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