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Just fun to look at

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1 Just fun to look at on Sat Dec 26, 2009 5:50 pm


Chapter One: Yet so sweet...
I own nothing. Thank you.

Year set in: Middle of 6th year.
Every wizard, every witch fall in love in Hogwarts between the ages of 15, and 16. Why?
Because they are desperate.

Draco Malfoy has been glaceing at Hermione every now and then in potions thinking about her every minute. "Damn she looks fine this year."
"Are you going to stop staring at me? And cut the leaves for me?", she had a hint of stern in her voice. But to Draco, it was begging.
"Yeah... sure. Whatever.", he drawled, getting the small knife from the table, still staring at Granger. "Hey Malfoy?", she asked but not stern. But then again, to Draco... it was more seductive. And that turned him on. "Erm-yeah?", he manged to say, his voice husky.
Boy was Hermione surprised about his voice. "Is there something... wrong?",
"No.", he said quickly, a little to quickly.
Draco started cutting, and sighed. "Smooth move there Draco, you were going to shag Granger here in front of everyone."

In the Common Room.
Hermione sat down on the wooden chair in the common room, yet people are starting to annoy her very being. Then something caught her ears, and so she left the common searching for the noise. It was the boys dormitory. Hermione quickly wisped her wand out, and opened the door.

"Bloody 'ell... can you knock first?!", Ron boomed, ontop of Lavender.
Hermione was out of words, seeing her crush shagging Lavender, was vile, and disgusting.
Hermione heard footsteps coming from the stairs, and quickly left.
"Mione?", she heard Harry behind her. "Uh...y-yeah?!",
"Whats wrong? You look like hell.", he said. "I do?! How?!", she stammered, her voice suddenly high.
"Your eyes--",
"Harry... Ron is-is...", she couldn't say it, she just couldn't.
"Ron is what?", he raised his right eye brow.
"Harry he is shagging Lavender... and... barged in... when... I--", she started crying now, her small tears forming her beautiful eyes, just hurt Harry... he needed to do something.
Harry was speechless, over all mad, and confused.
"Didn't Ron say that he liked Hermione better then Lavender?", Harry thought.
"I need to go...", she sniffed. "No. Hermione...", Harry caught her arm. Hermione looked confused and hurt. Harry pulled her closer to his chest, "He's done it again Harry. First, he snogs her, and now shags her. I feel so stupid, for not getting him first.", she cried again, her fingers curling Harrys' shirt, to a tight fist.
Harry sighed, and leaned to Hermione hair, and kissed her head. He had nothing to say, nothing. Not a damn thing.
Hermione felt betrayed over all, hurt. And she is in Harrys arms, holding her tight, making her feel normal again.
"Kiss me, Harry...", Hermione whispered.
Harry didn't quite hear that, although he heard "me.",
Hermione shook her head, and made a small smile to him, "Fine.", she shrugged, and kissed him passionately.


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2 Re: Just fun to look at on Sat Dec 26, 2009 6:14 pm

this is getting really good, you must continue.!!! I can totally see Hermione doing this, you have her in so much character. =3


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3 Re: Just fun to look at on Sat Dec 26, 2009 6:45 pm


ohmyword. Draco is being a perv! me likeyyyy! Wink

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4 Re: Just fun to look at on Sat Dec 26, 2009 7:47 pm


I wanna have that boy!

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5 Re: Just fun to look at on Sat Dec 26, 2009 11:07 pm


Don't you think that Hermione is being a little forward for Harry though? I mean... a little too forward?

I mean its cool and everything, but it was sorta rushed...

But anyway, great story! Very Happy

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