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1trust me (M) Empty trust me (M) on Sun Jan 03, 2010 7:53 pm


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I got this idea from Glee, and I just had to make a fan fiction about this... I mean... I had to! and yes this is a Glee story. But its a bit OC! SO BEWARE!

Sprouse and his brother Dylan Sprouse were in highschool together, and
pretty much the popular boys, always getting the girls, always having a
nice smile. And having a nice life... until... something went wrong.

met the girl, that was wrong. Wrong to him, and wrong to his brother.
But this girl was different, different then any girl he has met before.

"Oops, er--sorry about that.", Cole accidentally ran into the
girl. "Its okay... I-", The girl stopped her mouth, and stared at the
beautiful boy that was next to her. "Want me... to help?", Cole asked
casually, rubbing his head. "Ye-uhm... sure.", she stammered. Kneeling
down, Cole picked up the books, and began to get nervous, yes... he was
nervous over this girl! Then he stopped, "This is stupid.", he began.
"Huh?", the girl was confused, picking up her folder. "what do you
Cole bit his lip, trying to think straight. "I mean, this is
what happens in movies, and tv shows... you know what I mean? Like
their eyes lock...", he trails off, stepping closer to the girl,
shifting his shoulders, from the heavy backpack thats straining his
shoulders. The girl was getting what he was saying, "Okay...", she
chuckled slightly, stepping back a little. " I'll tell you my name...",
she muttered getting the awkwardness away from them. Cole heard, and
nodded, "Okay, tell me.",

"It's Chole.", she said slowly meeting
his eyes. He nodded, smirking at her. "I think you already now my
name...haha.", "Yeah I do.", she said firmly, gripping her books on her
chest, getting anxious.

The bell rang, Cole was sweating, and
saw the girl, sighing. "What class do you have?", he asked suddenly.
"Uhm...", she bit her lip, thinking. 'Damn that turns me on.'
"Mr. Giley, the same class as you.", she sounded bored. Cole smiled, "Oh... right.".

where the hell were you? Fucking a girl or something man?", Dylan
whispered to Cole from the door. Cole snarled, and mouthed the words,
"No!", Dylan smirked, and mouthed back, "Yeah right.", and Chole showed
up next to Cole. "We have to sit, or he'll mark us tardy!", she
whispered in his ear.

Somehow, or some way, or maybe it was fate, that they had to sit next to each other.
Should I continue?

2trust me (M) Empty Re: trust me (M) on Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:08 pm


Oooh! a Glee fan fiction, me likey. I'm liking it so far. But please go on! Very Happy

trust me (M) Soft_Kitty_Stamp

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