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1NOT THAT SIMPLE! Empty NOT THAT SIMPLE! on Sat Mar 27, 2010 1:52 pm


DRAMIONE OH HELL TO THE YES BITCHES! making it sort of a twilight crossover, but only for a short bit... so DRAMIONE IS MADE OF WIN!

"Did you guys know that new students are coming from America!", Hermione Granger exclaimed. Ronald Weasley scoffed, "Bah, Hermione, you really think that?", shoving biscuits in his mouth. Harry Potter rubbed his scar, yet it was burning, not to mention you-know-who is running around.

"Honestly, you guys don't read.", Hermione rolled her eyes. "Oh we read, but... we never tell you.", said Harry with a wink. "Mmmhmm, yeah sure.", she laughed softly, playing with her breakfast with her fork. Harry automatically knew whats wrong with her. "Would you like to explain why your not talking much..."

Hermione turned to Harry. "What are you talking about?", she whispered. "Nevermind.",
She raised her right brow, and crossed her arms. "No. No nevermind.",
Harry sighed, "I just... look.", he started, " Ron likes you. You know that?", he said.
Hermione eyes widened, "What?!", she exclaimed. "M'ione keep it down will you?", Harry smacked himself.
"Okay? Honestly, your being a little weird Harry...", she bit her lip, got up from the Gyrffindor table, got her books, and stalked over to the commons.

"Watch will you!?", a very haughtily voice came over her. "Stop drawling, and be a little nicer, ferret!",
"Ha, stupid mudblood, Granger! Thinking you can get away with everything under the damned sun!", he walked to her. Looking around seeing if anyone is catching the mudblood to the pureblood.

"Stupid ferret...", Hermione muttered. "What was that?", "I was saying, maybe you shouldn't be an arsehole, and be a little NICER!"',
Draco Malfoy sighed, "Ahh, sorry, but I don't listen to boring bookworms."
Hermione raised her brows, and made a sly grin. "Well, maybe you need a punch the face."
Draco smiled at this, not that stupid smirk, but a smile. "Well, well well. Maybe, I do... from a bookworm..."
Hermione gritted her teeth, and clenched her fists so hard, it was hurting her.
"Whats the matter?", he leaned towards her, so close she caught a hint of cologne on him. "Maybe you need a little...", he stared down towards her cleavage area. "Distraction."

Hermione shuddered, a warm fluid was dripping in between her legs. "So...", he leaned closer now. She backed up to the wall, her head almost hit it. "I wish I can take you right here, Granger...", he drawled.
She bit her lip, and closed her eyes. His smile grew bigger, and pecked her glossy lips.
But, Hermione cupped his face. And kissed back.

NOT THAT SIMPLE! Soft_Kitty_Stamp

NOT THAT SIMPLE! Tumblr_le01d6KJb01qd42rao1_500

2NOT THAT SIMPLE! Empty Re: NOT THAT SIMPLE! on Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:22 pm


Yay, more Dramione! I'm loving this also. Please Ticke.Tock!

3NOT THAT SIMPLE! Empty Re: NOT THAT SIMPLE! on Fri Apr 02, 2010 5:04 pm


awh, Dramione is cute!

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