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1Spin me... Empty Spin me... on Sun Apr 04, 2010 3:31 pm


OMG! I had this idea, running in my mind for a while now. And you know what?! Since the last episode was on, I just had to write this in! UGH! YEASHH

"Hello, Sidekick...", Oliver Queen drawled, walking in the Watchtower.
Chloe Sullivan rolled her eyes, and grinned. "Well, well well. It looks like your back.",
"Your point? You made me comeback.", his voice still in that drawling tone of his.
"Uhm... I don't think I did, Ollie...", her voice slurred the words on accident.
Oliver walked over towards her, in a stalking way. "Yes, you did.", he smiled now.
Chloe finally turned around, and her face was so close to Oliver, her breath hitched from the closeness.
"So...", he cupped her face with his hands. "wanna say something?"
She blinked, she realized it was reality here, not a fantasy.
"Okay, now you need to stop, Ollie...",
"Why?", he asked incredulously.
"You know the reason why!",
"Really? How...?", he let his hands fall.
"What if Clark comes in?",
"So? Why does he care?",
"Honestly, Ollie? REALLY?!", she looked wild than ever, that made Oliver have a hard on.
"You know what?", he said suddenly.
"What?", she snapped.
"Your the most amazing person I've ever met, and you know that you love me back!",
That made Chloe silent, then she turned around. Oliver opened his mouth to say something again, but closed it.
Then he turned her right around, and kissed her breathlessly.

Tell me about it. When. You. Have. Read. About. It! <3

2Spin me... Empty Re: Spin me... on Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:34 pm




They both let go of each other quickly, and laughed a little.
"Sorry, if I--", Clark grimaced. "No, Clark its fine. Its okay... really...", Chloe exasperated quickly.
"Didn't know, you could formulate those words...", Oliver smirked at her.
"Shut up.", she whispered hotly. "Oooh... I'm scared.",
Chloe turned around to make a statement, but Clark cut in.
"Have you heard from Lois?", Clark asked worryingly.
Chloe eyes lit up with fear. Fear for her cousin. "I guess thats a no.", Clark said.
"When is the last time she called?", Oliver asked.
"At 2:00...",
Chloe glanced at Oliver for a moment, then looked down.
"Chloe? Do... you know where she is?", he asked.
"Oh hell no!", she started, "if I knew where she is, I'd come to you, Clark."

He bit his lip, "Okay, well... I'll try to find her then.", he zoomed out.

Chloe stood up. "We need to find her too.", Oliver smiled. "Haha...",
"Whats so funny?"
Her eyes turned into slits now. "What about me?"
He leaned closer now, heat radiating the room from the tension.
"Nothing...", he turned around walking away from her.
"Do what?", he stopped walking.
"Just... ask a question, then when I say answer that question, you just shrug it off."
Oliver rolled his eyes. "Because...", he teased.
"Because... why?", she mocked him.
"I have nothing to say."
"Then don't ask anything!", her flats were really stomping now.

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