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The Great Abundance

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1The Great Abundance Empty The Great Abundance on Sat May 08, 2010 9:12 pm


Disclaimer: I do not own "The Big Bang Theory", nor its characters.

Knock. Knock. Knock.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
Knock. Knock. Knock.

Penny rolled her eyes, and finally got the door. "Yes?!", she said through gritted teeth.
He hesitantly started, "I presume your not coming, again?", he clasped his hands behind his back.
She clicked her tongue with her teeth, and narrowed her eyes. "Sheldon, I'll come over..."
"When? You haven't knocked on our door, since-"
"Sheldon! Why does it matter to you?"

He went silent.

Suddenly, Penny felt sort a pang of guilt rush through her. "Oh, sweetie I'm so sorry, its been frustrating with everything thats going on and-"

Sheldon cut her off, by walking in her apartment. "Are you making spaghetti again?", he sort of smiled. "Uhm... yeah...", she nodded, walking over to her kitchen.
Sheldon sat down on the couch, waiting for Penny to start making a descent conversation. "Is everything alright with Leonard?", she asked, harshly gripping the wooden spoon.

"Well...", he twirled around towards her. "he has been whining... that you haven't been coming over recently. Nonetheless, that Leonard doesn't want to see you, after what happened with Dr.Plimpton."

Penny bit her lip, and looked down, throwing the wooden spoon in the pot, she let her body slide on the counter towards the hard floor.
Sheldon's eyes widened in fear, he got up from the couch so fast that, he almost broke his back.

But that didn't stop him. He ran for her, he slipped on the wet kitchen floor, almost collapsing on top of her.

"Penny, are you alright?", he asked hesitantly, knelling before her. He didn't know what to do. He didn't study that much of Human emotion, but to her expression, she seemed tired? Or upset...

"Sheldon... I give up.", her voice choked out, rubbing her right arm.
"Giving up on what?", he was trying to read her, through her eyes... but... it wasn't coming out..
"You wouldn't understand, Sheldon...", she sounded hurt, like something almost killed her completely.

"Penny...", he stated softly, awkwardly grasping for her hand.

"Sheldon, I screwed up. I screwed up on everything. On Leonard, on my ex's. On-", she choked up again.

For a second, she thought Sheldon's expression tainted a slight sadness in his eyes. "Penny...", he didn't have anything else to say.
She shed a tear, a freakin' TEAR in front of Sheldon. She really didn't want to do that.

But... she did anyways.

His hand gently grazed her cheek, and wiped the tear away with his thumb. "Penny, you need to get up.", he said softly to her. "Why!?", she yelled at him suddenly. Frightening him. "Penny, I'm trying to help! I'm your friend, that's what friends do! They help each other."

For a second Penny had a confused look, how in the hell would he know that?!

He stood up now, taking his hand out, so Penny can reach it. "I already told you, Sheldon! I give up! I feel like..."
"Shit?", he finished. Penny's eyes widened now. Wow... he sounded really hot when he said that! OH CRAP! DID I JUST SAY THAT SHELDON SOUNDED HOT! WTF!?

"You never curse!", she gasped.
"Well, I had to finish for you. Are you going to get up or not, because if you don't... I will make you.",
"You don't threaten me, Moonpie!", she sounded just as scary. " Only meemaw, calls me Moonpie!",
Penny grabbed his forearm forcefully, and made him kneel down. "Oh is that right?!",
His breath hitched right then. Her face was so close to him, the heat was radiating from her body.

"Penny... your a bit... close...",
"Really? I can be closer...",
"There is a sudden proximity from your change? Could it possibly be from the hormones?", he questioned. Raising his right brow.

He was still as a statue. And she smiled, inching closer to him. "Your not moving away, Sheldon..."
He was quiet. "And your not speaking.",
Then he felt her lips gently grazing his.

The Great Abundance Soft_Kitty_Stamp

The Great Abundance Tumblr_le01d6KJb01qd42rao1_500

2The Great Abundance Empty Re: The Great Abundance on Sat May 08, 2010 11:30 pm




3The Great Abundance Empty Re: The Great Abundance on Tue May 11, 2010 7:43 pm


Penny is on her time of MONTH! not good. thats never good.

good read plz more

4The Great Abundance Empty Re: The Great Abundance on Sun May 23, 2010 2:06 pm


Chapter Two: Not that simple

Sheldon's body stiffened. Her lips were soft against his, he didn't move his lips to respond, he didn't want to hurt her. But how could he?

He's a whack-a-doodle.

Then she stopped, if looks could kill, Sheldon's face, was...priceless.

He started first, "Penny...", he breathed. "I'm sorry...", he stood up, walking away, but her hand softly grasped his forearm. "No Sheldon, please stay.", the look in her eyes were hurt.
Sheldon sat down next to her. He gave up as well it seemed.

"Sheldon, why did you say you were sorry?", she asked, a little late on that.
He turned to look at her. "I-beca-I don't know...", he awkwardly looked around the room. "Sheldon sweetie, I'm over here.", waving her hand in front of his face.

Sheldon gave a 'are you kidding me look', "Clearly."
"Fine. I guess I have to kiss the snot out of you, to get a straight answer."

Sheldon sat there. He licked his lips, and leaned his head on one of the cabinets.
'He looks so... peaceful. Gosh.'

"You really want me to kiss you?", she teasingly said. Scooting closer to him, again, heat radiating from the tension.

He didn't say anything, he was fidgeting. "A small peck?", she asked.

Now she is desperate to kiss him now.

"Fine.", he said, leaning towards her, and kissed her on the cheek. His lips softly pressed up against her smooth skin, and he wanted to kiss her full lips, but... he couldn't. Because, he's Sheldon, and he can't go and make stupid choices.

The Great Abundance Soft_Kitty_Stamp

The Great Abundance Tumblr_le01d6KJb01qd42rao1_500

5The Great Abundance Empty Re: The Great Abundance on Sun May 23, 2010 7:14 pm


wow. just... wow...

speechless. literally.

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