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Who is your favorite character in the Big Bang Theory

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1Not Understanding... Empty Not Understanding... on Sun Jun 20, 2010 5:17 pm


Amy cannot die, for one. The girl that plays her has signed up for another year for her!

Two. The Doctor is awesome.

"Amy...", The Doctor consoled her again. "you must understand, that the whole universe is about-"

"Me. Yeah, I get it.", she remarked, moving away from the centre TARDIS.

Amy took a quick glance before walking down, and she could've sworn, she saw hurt in his eyes. "You remember that?", he asked, still fidgeting with the console.
"Remember what?",

He shook his head, "I guess not...",
"Doctor, what are you talking about?", she crossed her arms now, sitting on the chair. Her 'Gingerly' hair framing her face, quite nicely. This made the Doctor get distracted. "Has it ever occurred to you that your life make no sense?", he asked, walking up to her.
"Doctor- I still have no idea what your talking about.", she got up. "No listen to me, Amy. There is something wrong. Something, very very wrong."
She raised her right brow.

She realized she had the Ring inside of her jacket-pocket. "Doctor, sorry about the interruption. But...", getting the ring out. "has this ever been occurred to you lately?", she asked, handing the red velvet box to him.
"Amy...", he started, "its a memory."
"From who?",
"From someone that I knew...", he quickly glanced at her. "exciting as this is, Amy. But I have things to do...", he immediately changed the subject, walking away from her.

Then he felt her hands grasping at his arm. "Amy... whats wrong?", he leaned in. Talking in her beautiful features.
"Who are you proposing?",
"Amy, I am not proposing.", he didn't lie.
"Fine. It still does not make any sense, why you have that ring."
The Doctor sighed, "It's a memory, Amy. I've already told you that."
"Really?", she smirked. "then how come you didn't say anything before?",
Again, the Doctor gave out a frustrated sigh, "You won't understand. You can't remember... and you-"
"Wait- remember what?",
"Non not nothing. Remember what?", she crossed her arms.

The Doctor was mentally kicking himself. He couldn't take it anymore. Her beauty, her everything, mostly. "Amy, you won't understand! Please. No more questions.", he pleaded. Then something sparked in her eyes, and yeah, the Doctor saw it. And she kissed him.


omg. I am addicted with these two! <3 Oh and I am going to make another one! hehehe lets say.. erm... yeahh...

Not Understanding... Soft_Kitty_Stamp

Not Understanding... Tumblr_le01d6KJb01qd42rao1_500

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