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1Special to me Empty Special to me on Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:50 am


"Asshole", Hermione mumbled, crossing her arms, and huffed, from the chair.
"Sitting next to me?", he dramatically implied, "you shouldn't have!"
"Oh shut up, Ferret! The last thing you'll ever need is tea, and guess what the first thing is?", he huffed again.
He scooted closer to her from the chair. "And whats that?",
"A punch in the damn face!"
"Ahhh, resorting to violence is not the answer!", he wiggled his forefinger.
Hermione raised her brows. "Oh yeah? about this magic-"
"Quiet-Mudblood, you cannot possilby fancing me?"
"What the hell have you that idea?!", she exclaimed sharply. Making towards a whisper, just in case McGonagall doesn't give her a detention.

"I know you do.", he huskily drawled.
Her brows furrowed, "Yeah... right...",
"You cannot be possibly be wet--for me? right?"
"Your kinda scaring me, Malfoy. And its not the good kind either."
"What kind is it?", he said stupidly.
"Well, what do you think?"
"I think you need to get spanked."

"Well, you need a life, getting porn from other classmates, doesn't get you any girls... thats for sure."
"Thats nice.", he frowned.
She grumbled.
"I fucking hate this shit!", she whispered hotly to the paper.
Draco raised his brows. Hearing her curse was...very.... hot.... xD
"Mind you say that again, Granger. You sounded... so... dearly."
"Aw... well to bad.",
"Such a tease, Granger."
"Such an idiot, Malfoy."
"Honestly, say my first name!",
"Why should I?",
"Why? Because... i want to hear you say it..."
He smiled now, the excitement finally getting in.
"Draco...", she paused after that... saying that name was to weird. Weird for her atleast.
Hermione smiled now, "Now say my name."
"Typical mudblood-Hermione...", he said it fastly.
"I didn't quite catch that, Ferret."
"Haha, fine... Hermione... better now?",
"Much better.",

I'm making it into a two-shot because, this is so funny!

2Special to me Empty Re: Special to me on Tue Apr 20, 2010 6:44 pm


"I think you need to get spanked",
and the


were my fav parts throughout! Lovley short, make another please!

Special to me Soft_Kitty_Stamp

Special to me Tumblr_le01d6KJb01qd42rao1_500

3Special to me Empty Re: Special to me on Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:44 pm


haha fine. Razz

Hermione and Draco smiled at each other, and this caught McGonagalls' attention.
Soon enough, everybody turned around, and saw them. Gasps filling the air, and Hermione slumped.
"Oh sod off, will you?", Draco spat at them.
"Excuse me, Malfoy, you shouldn't use any crude words in my class-",
Draco merely smirked, "Hah, you kidding? I use them all the damn time!"
Hermione's eyes widened.
McGonagall looked like she was going to kill him, with that stare.
"Detention Mr.Malfoy.", she held her head high.
"Yeah, you'll see me.", he mumbled.
Days went by, Malfoy's Detention went by... ahhhh... life.
Hermione kissed Malfoy long, and hard. Grabbing his left forearm, and wrapping it around herself.

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